cloverfieldAh yes. The big question. Do you read this and potentially spoil the movie or do you wait until Friday? I have good news for you. I’m not going to spoil the movie… much. I really don’t think that much can be spoiled. Everyone has been going crazy about this monster and what it looks like. What is Cloverfield? What is this all about? The marketing of the movie has been brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Everyone wants to know: What is it?

And that’s why you will go see it and why so many millions of others will see it. It will destroy the competition. I know this because I just saw it. Yes. I know. I am a bastard. I sat with a couple hundred geeks/journalists/grown up theater kids in the Paramount Theater and watched what everyone is dying to see. If you want to so their reviews, they’re at the bottom.

In case you have no idea what Cloverfield is but decided to click this link anyway, I shall tell you. We are watching a tape that has been recovered by the Department of Defense after this insane attack. It is all in handheld and documents a group of young adults trying to rescue their friend in a city being destroyed by some huge unknown monster.

So what is this huge monster? Well. It’s a huge monster. That’s it. I can’t really compare it to any other monster. It is its own big bad destroying machine. Big spoiler, right? Nope. The thing about this movie is that the monster really isn’t the main attraction. I mean… it is but it isn’t what makes this flick so cool. It’s everything else.

The handheld style everyone has been talking about. Is it the whole movie? Yes. Is it like Blair Witch? No. I did not leave with a headache. It looked as though some of the footage came from a camcorder while some looked like beautiful 35mm. I did not find the handheld style to be a problem. All it did was add to this film and the story.

The actors are all relatively unknown, which is crucial for this kind of movie. I can’t see Orlando Bloom running around in this baby. I wouldn’t want to. I don’t even know why I referenced him. Anyway, they held it up for the most part. Some parts here and there were weak but I let it slide. They are put in a relatively believable situation that could happen to any of us and react accordingly (if you and you’re friends are absolutely amazing). Hopefully, you will all enjoy the cameraman, Hudd, as much as I did. He is the perfect character to be holding that camera throughout the movie. Even though he may not get much face time, he gets the best laughs in the film.

What exactly is “Cloverfield”? I still have no idea. What it means is still a mystery to me unless I missed something. I think it’s just some code name. That’s it. Probably as relevant as what the monster looks like.

So is this another lame monster movie? Nope. What they have done is quite ambitious. This movie does what every huge monster movie didn’t do. It didn’t center around the big monster and how to kill it. It focused on this young group of people and one man’s journey to rescue the girl he loves. The monster and military are just the backdrop. It is unlike any movie you will see in a long time and it worth checking out this weekend. Go see it in a big sold out theater. It’s one of those movies that feels good to watch with a crowd. Our audience broke into laughs and cheered a few times. That’s why I love going to the movies. To feel that energy. So go check this one out and maybe you’ll like it as much as I did.

I was able to snap a photo of the monster during the screening. Click here to check it out.

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