lust caution-08-01-11I just saw Lust, Caution. I love 1940’s espionage films and really enjoy all of Ang Lee’s films and expected to love this, but there was no love to be had in this film. Coming out of the theater I was shocked. If his purpose was to produce emotion, he has. Unfortunately for me the emotions were repulsed and terrified. The violence gives Eastern Promises and No Country for Old Men a run for it’s money, and the graphic sex scenes would make Brokeback Mountain blush. It is so graphic it hurts physically to watch. You almost want some distance from the characters. The entire film tries to make you feel the pain they feel. What its like to stab someone, what its like to be used, beaten, raped, what it’s like to feel all sorts of pain. The movie puts a hole in my stomach. If I’m completely honest I’ll need to sit on this for a while, right now it’s just too much.

I was able to notice that the acting was amazing, in a disgustingly realistic way. Ang Lee I believe has succeeded in this film, the images are beautiful, while the content is disturbing, and there is no doubt that I left the theater with it stuck not only in my head but in my entire body. It’s not one that you can easily shake off, although you may wish you could.

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