Golden Globde08-01-07Awards season is here once again. This year will prove to be a very interesting one. With the writers on strike it will certainly be different. It was just announced that the Screen Actors Guild has said they will encourage their members to not cross picket lines to attend the Golden Globes. With no stars in attendance will NBC still care to televise the event? If they do not cancel the event or settle the strike before the show what can we expect?

In a brief statement today the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association just announced that they are “trying to work out a solution that will permit the Golden Globes to take place with the creative community present to participate.” An announcement will be made today.

Translated this means they are sweating it BIG TIME! What’s an awards ceremony without the actors? No one tunes in to see the costume designer, editors and special effects people even though they are the ones who make the movie what it eventually becomes – a finished complete work of art.

This is not to speak ill of the actors – without them the characters would not come to life. Each element is important to the production and the writers have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Other unions are going to be negotiating new contracts soon including the actors. All eyes are on the writers.

The last time I can remember talk of cancelling a major awards ceremony was just after 9/11. The Oscars were held but with a cloud over head. Could it be that the writers have done what no one else has done in recent times? Could it be that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword ? We will see on Monday