Well the WGA won this one. The Golden Globes have basically been canceled, although they are calling it “cutting back” die to the fact that SAG (Screen Actors Guild) members are planning on supporting their allies in the WGA and won’t be showing up. Without all the shiny stars walking the red carpet, it just wasn’t worth televising, and apparently isn’t worth having. Hell who needs a cinematographer anyway?

So instead of the usual who is wearing what and crying celebs, we will have the following to enjoy.

“At 9 pm [EST] there will be a press conference covered by NBC News announcing the Golden Globe winners. (9pm-10pm)

At 8 pm, we are negotiating with Dick Clark Enterprises for a one-hour retrospective/clip show.

At 7 pm we will air a Dateline with clips and interviews with nominees. (Currently scheduled to air for two hours on Saturday night.)

At 10 pm we will broadcast an “Access Hollywood” style, Golden Globes party show…visiting the various parties in Hollywood.” [Full Story]

Woohoo! Just what we’ve been waiting for! Someone give the WGA a deal and get on with it!