Tarzan-08-01-06Next Sunday, January 13th, Tarzan will be swinging through two films at the Aero Theater on Montana.

The program begins at 4:00pm with Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1959, 88mins). Directed by John Guillermin (The Blue Max; The Towering Inferno) and produced by Sy Weintraub, their goal was to make this Tarzan film be the most “literate, intelligent King of the Jungle” film yet. With Anthony Quayle, Sean Connery and Nial MacGinnis on a criminal rampage, entirely shot on location, this is thought to the all-time best Tarzan picture ever made.

Following will be Tarzan Escapes (1936, 89mins). Directed by Richard Thorpe who also did Tarzan Finds a Son!, Tarzan’s Secret Treasure, and Tarzan’s New York Adventure. I think it’s fair to say this man knows his Tarzan, but not as much as the star Johnny Wesimuller (featured in photo) who played Tarzan in all of the above films and 9 others! Many think this film is Wesimuller best Tarzan films ever made. Maureen O’Sullivan (also featured) stars in 6 of the Tarzan films. Tarzan Escapes is one of the of the most violent films of its time, with MANY scenes that had to be cut out for release, it was extremely progressive and is still a great film today.

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The Aero is located at 1328 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica (Map)