macinegirlAlright my little snuggle-muffs. I believe that is Spanish for “geeks”. Or is it “nerds”? Not too much going on lately, but enough eye candy to lick some sweetness off of. Some cool posters and a neat Will Smith superhero teaser. Check it out my minions… p.s. make sure you watch the trailer for the last bullet. It will make your Easter…

  • Cool trailer for Will Smith’s Hancock superhero movie is on now. View it here. [Which Sony seem to have removed from all parts of the interweb, if someone finds a link let us know and we will update the story - Ed]
  • Three awesome Dark Knight Posters here, here, and here.
  • Speaking of posters… the LSD inspired Speed Racer poster is up here.
  • Want to know all the plot details for Terminator 4? Read this.
  • Hellboy II trailer up today. Chek it out here.
  • Boo hoo. No Peter Jackson directing silly Hobbits in the next two flicks. As Louis mentioned, he will be very involved and producing… but who is to direct? It is rumored that Sam Raimi and Guillermo del Toro are in talks.
  • Neill Clumpston over at Aint It Cool News has seen Cloverfield’s monster eating some heads. Click here to read what he has to say. Be warned about spoilers. I stop at “eating heads”.
  • OH CRAP! I Forgot. I hope you stuck around to the end of this. The MOST AMAZING trailer ever made. This movie WILL KICK YOUR ASS! WATCH IT NOW!