Explosion-07-12-11 There were quite a few movies that came out this year. If you are like me an avid movie fan, this presents a problem. After all there are only so many hours in a day. However, there was something special about this year. A single motivating force that made it easy for me to spend my not so hard earned money at the Cineplex. That thing was, ACTION!

This year I counted at least a dozen well directed, acted, and edited action flicks. Some of them are now out on DVD while others are still playing at your local theaters. So without any hesitation, here are my top 3 Action picks and most notably why they made the cut.

optimus-07-12-111. Transformers- If you weren’t a fan of the Cartoon show, it didn’t matter. This one had everything needed to make a summer blockbuster sizzle. Giant robots, explosions, goofy characters, the hottie, and a menacing enemy threatening to take over earth. Pulling in close to 13 bazillion dollars didn’t hurt either.

die hard

2. Live Free or Die Hard- I’ll be honest sometimes when you go to see an action flick, you have to be willing to suspend reality just a bit. John Mclane made me more than happy to do it. Let’s be honest, this is a character you don’t mind seeing making a comeback. This flick left me wanting more even after the credits rolled. Immediately, I ate a protein bar and went to the gym to feel more manly. Evidently, Bruce Willis has that affect.

country for old men-07-12-11 3. No Country for Old Men- This is one of those rare films that has it all. Fantastic acting, great plot, unforgettable characters, and just enough action to keep you riveted in your seat. Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, and Josh Brolin all give stunning performances and the camera shots are like small pieces of art.

Other honorable mentions were, American Gangster and 3:10 to Yuma. Both had Great acting and direction. So do yourself a favor settle up your debts with a fist-full of money and you local theater, or your warm inviting couch. For these great shootem’up bang bangs are not to be missed.