Some enchanted evening…. or afternoon, rather. I saw the new Disney family adventure, “Enchanted” at 4pm on a Sunday, which caused my friend and I to have to sit in the second row in front of a theater filled with parents and their offspring. Truth be told, I had been dying to see this marshmallowy film since I giggled during the trailer. However, I was not looking forward to kids talking/screaming/spilling stickiness on me.

It’s an age-old story: divorce lawyer meets princess and they fall in love. Evil stepmother and half-retarded but classically good-looking prince get in the way, but ultimately true love prevails. It’s the story of a princess named Giselle (Amy Adams), who is patiently waiting with her woodland creature friends for her true love. Well, low and behold, her truelove Prince Edward (James Marsden) appears just in time to save her from a man-eating ogre. Immediately following her rescue, he whisks her away to his castle to be married. However, the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), Prince Edward’s stepmother thwarts the lovers’ nuptial by throwing Giselle down a wishing well, sending her to a place where there are no happy ending.


Giselle ends up crawling out of a manhole on the streets of New York City, only to be yet again rescued by divorce lawyer, Robert Phillips (Patrick Dempsey) and his six year-old daughter Morgan. Of course she causes trouble for Robert and his current fiancé and puts his job in jeopardy. However, as his heart melts, hers becomes more real. To throw another cog in the wheel, Prince Edward shows up to rescue Giselle. The Queen’s henchman Nathaniel (Timothy Spall), who is instructed to keep the Prince away from Giselle, as well as end the Princess’s life, then follows him. Do they have a happy ending……?

amyadams-07-12-06God I love when Disney satirizes themselves. This movie is great because they really take you back to classic Disney, while being progressive at the same time. It’s not like other films where the cartoon characters come to life. In this movie, the cartoons retain their cartoonish characteristics instead of becoming real people. Trust me, these characters never seem to fit in to real life. There’s been best Actress Oscar buzz about Amy Adams, and I think it’s well deserved. I really felt that she nailed how a Disney princess would act in the real world. I also think it would be a nice relief to see a talented actress be recognized for her comedic work for once. And Patrick Dempsey was well….McDreamy.

Look. I loved the film and I think it’s enjoyable for any age. I think it was especially pleasing for me because it brought me back to my childhood, a time when Disney movies were, well, good. I had running commentary the entire time. In fact, I’m pretty sure the three year-old sitting next to me was wondering when the big girl was going to shut up.