binsuperWow. I have about twenty tabs open full of juicy info. This week was a good one. We have a little bit of this… a little bit of that… and more. My job is to take those twenty tabs of information, put it through the Jonslator, and slap it all on this page. Now remember people, I do this for YOU… because I love you.

Alright. This week we’re branching out beyond the “nerdy movie news”, as it has been called. I thought all everyone cared about was superheroes. Maybe I was wrong. I do refuse to post anything that lacks excitement in my little mind. So do enjoy what I have for you. It’s a good batch this week.

  • Let’s start off with a bang! It is going around that Morgan Spurlock (the dude that ate McDonalds for a month) may have footage and an interview with Osama bin Laden in his upcoming documentary. MSNBC reports the following:
    • ‘Spurlock showed a select group of potential buyers 15 minutes from his new documentary, “Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?” The film follows Spurlock through the Middle East in his search for the elusive leader of al-Qaia. According to, The Weinstein Co. quickly snapped up the picture after seeing the clips.

    Also, those Weinstein boys supposedly payed a cool 25 million for it. If this is true. Wow. The McDonalds dude got to Osama before our government. Nice. The DP of the film, Daniel Marracino, is also quoted saying that they’ve “definitely got the Holy Grail.” Well, keep your eyes open at Sundance next year kids.

  • Okay, let’s now splash some nerdy onto this baby… Footage and an interview with Mathew Fox on the Speed Racer set is up and you can watch it here. Mathew Fox is playing Racer X in the film directed by the Wachowski Bros. You can also catch a glimpse of Emile Hirsch as Speed Racer in the beginning. Pretty cool if you’re a fan of the series.
  • Check out this rated R trailer of Funny Games, Starring Naomi Watts and Tim Roth. I had no idea what to expect going in to watch it… but it seems pretty interesting and intense. It could also be a steaming pile of crap. The trailer is worth watching, though. Naomi Watts gets all red-nosed blonde chick crying in it. That can sometimes lead you to success. (Trailer requires you to put in your date of birth. So stupid.)
  • The first Dark Knight onesheet is up. Check it out here. I know it was already posted on the site, but I have more information that was released with the poster. If you have been following or are aware of the giant viral marketing campaign that Warner is doing, some awesomeness has been handed to us. Tonight, at 6:30 p.m., at The Bridge’s IMAX theater… you can watch the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight. Check out the info here. For you “nerds” like me… it’s something you probably don’t want to miss. Good luck getting in.
  • An interesting Terminator 4 update. Since it has been confirmed that Mc G is directing and Christian Bale is starring… the producers have heard our pain and gone out to defend the Mc Gina.

    • “People can only speak to the body of work that they’ve seen of his [ including Charlie's Angels and We Are Marshall]. Some people love it and some people don’t He’s bringing all of his past experience and his amazing vision.”

    Yeah. Right. He has a wonderful body of work. Maybe just a wonderful body? No. Not even that.

  • Check out the new bad-ass Iron Man photo here. I’m getting excited about this one. Please be good.
  • Narnia fans! Behold your precious Prince Caspian trailer. I never got into the whole Narnia thing… but I just saw the first movie and thought it was cool. This trailer is pretty cool as well. Worth checking out.

That’s it for now! Some cool stuff to share with your neighbor while bored on the bathroom stall. You could bond over Osama in the public restroom. Does anything sound sweeter? I thought so. See you next week!