The Mist LogoFor the past couple of years Hollywood has been awash with single descriptive word horror films. Movies like The Cave, Saw, & The Descent have been stamped by “tinsel town” as sure-fire moneymaker, popcorn films, that are relatively cheap to make and put butts in seats. When I first got a look at the poster and title of The Mist, I was very apprehensive about the films prospects. Nevertheless I was seduced by the possibility of being scared, something that so rarely happens now days, and went to check it out.

Boy did I end up with egg on my face. I went in with low expectations and was blown out of my seat. The Mist is everything traditional one word horror flicks are not. It has a very complex story with incredibly three-dimensional characters. The theme of the movie is deeper and richer than just about any horror/suspense film made for as long as I can remember, perhaps since The Exorcist.

Frank Darabont

Big time filmmaker Frank Darabont, who already has two other Stephen King novel adaptations under his belt, directed The Mist; I should have known it would be an amazing film with a track record containing movies like The Shawshank Redemption & The Green Mile.

This movie will creep the hell out of you. It will also startle the shit out of you. It’s few and far between that a movie has both of those elements, which would seem essential if you’re really trying to get under peoples skin. It’s not just the bloody that scares people, most of the time it’s the practical, real world terrors that unsettle audiences. The Mist has figured this out and put it into practice with great success.

The Mist has an IMDB movie rating that’s 8 out of 10 stars, with well over a thousand votes. Good movies stay right around 7 to 7.5, so a rating of 8 suggests that it’s certainly worth a watch. There are so many terrible movies out right now, and the good ones are so hard to find, The Mist, being a big budget release can be seen at any movie theater, anywhere.

In conclusion, this one word horror flick serves up an amazing dish. It’s full of everything horror junkies need to get their fix but also has the intellect and character development necessary to please film buffs with broader palates. If you like having the hairs on the back of your neck rise up, go see The Mist, and get yourself scared, old school.