bruceconnorsYes yes. I have a lot of itty bitty news for you. But the one I just read moments ago is that Christian Bale is going to be John Connor in the new Terminator flick. I was fifty-percent right when I wrote about it before. Mc G is directing but Vin Diesel has not been confirmed as a robot. I think he is actually a robot in real life so it won’t be too far off. The title of the new flick is Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Could be good with some Bale as Connor. But Mc G is still doing it so I’m not sure. Too close to Mc D’s.

  • NEXT! Yes. Remember that untitled J.J. Abrams teaser you saw with the Statue of Liberty’s head being blown off? Yeah, no one knew what it was called. People were calling it “the untitled J.J. Abrams project” or project “Cloverfield.” Well you can check out the new trailer with the official title here. You get a small glimpse of the monster. It could be a cool flick. Oh. By the way… it’s called Cloverfield. Clever bastards.

  • Julie Taymor (Across The Universe, Frida, The Lion King) is directing the Spider-Man musical. Who does she want as her leads? Does anyone care? Is anyone going to watch a Spider-Man musical? Am I in some weird bad dream. If you really wanna know, click here. It’s Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood. But click the link anyway for some hot nude photos.
  • Sienna Miller nabbed the lead role in the upcoming G.I. Joe flick. Again, I don’t really care… but you might! Cheer away all you Sienna Miller fans! She’s also in the upcoming A Woman of No Importance. My words exactly!
  • Naomi Watts is to appear alongside Tom Hanks and his mullet in the upcoming Angels and Demons… the sequel to The DaVinci Code… even though Demons was written before it.
  • Hitman supposedly sucks. I could have told you that.
  • Davie Hasselhoff looks likely to appear in the NBC Knight Rider movie, centered around Knight’s son. Germany has to be freaking out right now. It may have imploded. If you have loved ones in Germany right now… they’re probably dead.

That’s all this week kiddos. Have a fantasmic Thanksgiving! I’ll be cradling my bottle of vodka as my family unleashes the chaos. No worries, I always have my cyanide on me. Until next time… maybe…