Yes yes. The time is here again. Time to find out what kind of crap is floating around the internet in regards to movie news.

  • I don’t know how many Heroes fans we have out there, but NBC has supposedly pulled the plug on that Heroes: Origins you may or may not have been hearing about. New characters that were to be introduced this season were supposed to be spun off into this origin show while Heroes was on hiatus. I don’t know if it’s due to the writer strike or if NBC realized that this season of Heroes blows. I think they should not worry about making a new show until they fix the problems with the show now.
  • If I could type out The X-Files theme song, I would do that here. Let me try. Doo doo doo doo doo doo. Not quite successful. Anyway, production begins Dec. 10th on the X-Files 2 movie with a release on July 25th, 2008. Not quite sure how I feel about this. It doesn’t feel right. Or left.
  • Ah yes, how about some Batman? I commented last week on the pumpkin at slowly rotting away with potential information on Halloween. Well, that turned out to be kind of lame. The pumpkin was replaced with a bit of a scavenger hunt. The site required people from all over the country to go to specific locations, take a picture of what they saw, and send it in to complete the puzzle. After every city had sent it in, we were given this. Yes, I know what the Joker looks like already. Give me some Two-Face. But not all is lost. Another site has come up in its place, is now asking for fans to send in a picture of themselves in Joker make-up in front of their city’s biggest landmark. We’ll keep you posted if anything awesome pops up.

  • Someone’s making a Dances With Wolves sequel. That’s all I care to say about that.
  • Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has confirmed they will be making an Empire Strikes Back spoof. If you remember, Family Guy started off its newest season with a Star Wars: A New Hope spoof. If this goes well, as it probably will, he says a Return of the Jedi episode is likely.
  • The guy that wrote the new Wolverine movie and the recent Zodiac is writing the new Spider-Man movie (tentative 2009 release). I was hoping they would stop making crappy movies, but I think Hollywood demands crappy movies.
  • The trailer for Wanted, the adaptation of the graphic novel, is up. You can view it here. People will most likely say it looks too much like The Matrix. It does. And Angelina Jolie wears way too much make-up. I never found her attractive. I don’t think I find anyone that sleeps with Billy Bob attractive.

That’s it for now. Now go to your water cooler and let everyone know how awesome you are with all your new information. See you next week!