If you’re a writer for TV, movies, or animation in Hollywood you are officially out of a job starting today! Happy Halloween! Never fear, there are people out there who understand your pain and are trying to help. YouTube.com’s ritersrock recently posted a humorous video written and directed by Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer depicting what members of the Writers Guild may be up to until this unpleasant strike is over. The video titled,”Hero’s of the Writers Strike” (below) features many mainstream writers having to resort to flipping burgers and literally whoring themselves out until the strike is over. Paul Guay from “Liar, Liar” tells a fat man in a hideous suit to “trust me, you look great.” Tom Donnelly from “Sahara” has trouble accepting an order from a drive-thru window and tells the patron “you may want to go more archetype instead of stereotype.” Overall it’s a hilarious video that does a great job of giving Hollywood screenwriters something to laugh about.

I wonder if the strike will effect the writing on YouTube? Hmm… I’m guessing yeah.

Watch the “Hero’s of the Writers Strike” now by pressing play below!