Turner Classic Movies Sign

As is to be expected from all TCM fans, Halloween will yield a day long movie marathon. Classic horror/thriller forefathers Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff have many a film in the line-up, such as The Devil Bat, Bride of the Monster and The Body Snatcher. In the mix of 1940’s films are a few from 63-65, including The Haunting (which was later poorly remade in 1999). So if you are feeling more like a homebody than a socialite this Halloween, TCM is there with arms wide open offering ghouls, insane asylums run amok, the traditional vampires and monsters as well as grave digging scientists and sinister wax statues. Who needs trick-or-treaters or Halloween parties when TCM is offering a great collection of movies with which you can eat all that candy you forgot (or will forget) to hand out!