If you don’t know already… I love me some superhero. I grew up reading whatever I could get my dirty little hands on. X-Men and Spider-Man were the main ones for some reason. Too bad both of those ended with an awful third movie. I never really ventured into DC territory until later. I suppose I was a late bloomer. Oh well.

So me and most other former (or current) comic book geeks are loving this wave of superhero flicks that we’ve been riding. Unfortunately, it’s hit or miss. But we’ll take what we can get. Here are some updates and rumors that you can munch on for a week or so…

  • The two man-friends of Bryan Singer that wrote Superman Returns have been given the boot by the Brothers Warner. The studios, like me, probably said “WTF, mate?” when they saw Superboy running around. So now the whole franchise is up in the air with people thinking Singer will jump out because his man-friendsSuper...man? are gone. Mark Millar (big Marvel dude) jumped in to try and pitch a Supes story to Warner Bros. They loved it but they said they couldn’t hire a Marvel guy to do DC property. Oh well.
  • Justice League Update: I may be wrong in theorizing that it would be a motion capture flick. It seems they’re going for live-action… which completely boggles me. Supposedly, they cast an actor named Rupert Evans (Hellboy) to play Superman. I don’t know how I feel about him. I’m always hoping Tom Welling will jump to the big screen, but that’s never going to happen.
  • If you go to whysoserious.com, you will see a pumpkin with a Batman logo carved into it and a candle burning slowly. It has been going down little by little and the the pumpkin begins to rot more day by day. Everyone is expecting some sort of announcement or surprise about The Dark Knight on Halloween. So keep an eye out.
  • In other Dark Knight news, it has been revealed that Nolan and Co. will be showing five minutes of the film in front of Will Smith’s I Am Legend on IMAX screens ONLY. So if you want you some Batman, go see the flick in IMAX on Dec. 14th.
  • Nick Cassevettes (The Notebook, Alpha Dog) is supposedly up for directing Captain America. I think he should do the sequel to The Notebook instead. (Have you read The Wedding? I did. I loved it. Proceed to make fun of me below.)
  • Also, (not a superhero flick but oh well) the new trailer for I Am Legend just popped up. It looks like it could be a fun ride. The trailer was decent enough for me to check it out twice. Those end of the world flicks are hit or miss. As are vampire and zombie flicks. Hopefully this one captures the best of both those worlds. Based on the novel which has had two movies based on it already. Check it out here.

That’s it for now. Hopefully something amazing happens and we get some kick ass hero flicks coming our way. If not, we can always check out Ghost Rider 2, Spider-Man 17, Fantastic Four: Destruction of the Possible Franchise, and Brett Ratner’s Brett Ratner.

Superman’s kid in Superman Returns keeps making me think of that great scene in Mallrats. I love Jason Lee sometimes.