The Golden Age Elizabeth: The Golden AgeWith much anticipation did I go alone to see this sequel to one of my favorite movies, Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchet. I could not drag my boyfriend there, he hadn’t seen the first one and the previews were not enough to entice him.

I was ready for more of the same – a woman who has to continually struggle to keep grubby catholic hands off of her throne, not just for herself; but for the good of her people. A beautiful woman, who had to say goodbye to the romantic girl inside of her and keep her mind on other matters – serious adult matters, like running a religiously divided country, half of whom thought her a bastard and an usurper. From the trailers I couldn’t wait to see this character that I so admire historically and in the context of the first film – stand up to the fanatically religious idiot King of Spain and kick his ass!!

How utterly disappointed I was.

Sure, the art direction, costumes and cinematography were opulent and wonderful. Of course the acting was impeccable. But honestly, there was very little ass kicking. In fact it all happens in one little scene where Elizabeth gives her lady in waiting a smack down for humping on her man. Thats right ladies and gents, Elizabeth has regressed from a strong and willful woman with a good head on her shoulders to a jealous, catty bitch who would rather play head games with Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen), than deal with the plot contrived by King Phillip of Spain and Mary Queen of Scotts to steal her throne.

I was pretty disgusted.

I must write to Shekhar Kapur -
Dear Mr. Kapur,
What’s your deal man? Why take a strong female character who does just fine running the English empire and reduce her to a hysterical idiot who is so disturbed by lack of male affection that she must rely on luck, the weather and her court astrologer to help her determine the future of her state? What are you going for here, Mr. Kapur? Definitely not consistency. Definitely not something inspiring. Definitely not an exciting story arc with a satisfactory resolution.
Well, whatever. You still know how to frame a shot, I guess.