A picture of the micheal Clayton posterWow. From start to finish this film is brilliant.

Although you might spend half your time thinking, “Ummm…wait…what’s going on?” You always have enough “umph” to keep you fascinated. The film unfolds itself beautifully and left me buzzing on my way out of the theater. The ending works the way the way an ending should. You won’t walk in knowing what you are going to walk out with.

I can’t stand all the “surprise” endings in which the writer adds in so many twists that the movie becomes a joke. I also can’t stand the “we’re going to try to fool you, so look out” endings. This movie does none of that. Due to a family curse, often I am able to predict endings and in thrillers (although I hate to categorize this as such) I can’t stop my brain from doing so, but not in this film. It never tries to trick you, make you anticipate, or mess with your head. It just brings you into this high paced world and slowly but surely puts you on the inside of everything that is going on. This movie forced me to pay attention because I was so entranced by the story I never had time to predict where it was going. Every moment felt spontaneous and relayed a piece of valuable information, which I feel is the perfect combination that for some reason few movies have.

Tom Wilkinson’s voice opens the movie and immediately sets the tone for a world of confusion and intrigue. Throughout the movie his seemingly mad appearance starts to make sense, and even though he’s gone a bit crazy, you begin to think it might be for the right reasons. Tom Wilkinson and George Clooney complement one another beautifully, together they bring their scenes to life, and milk the subtle humor from their lines. The more realistic and sad George Clooney is, the more attractive he becomes. His entire body changed in this film, similar to his role Syriana, you can feel his presence on screen. Clooney has evolved from a sex symbol (a very good one) into a strong actor that seems to be making a lot of good choices about his films.

Tilda Swinton, (who I often confuse with Kate Blanchett, the other Shakespearean, foreign, pale actress) gives you (me) something to remember her by. She is magnificent at playing a woman completely out of her depth. She makes the ending all the more intense with her dramatic and yet realistic portrayal. You truly pity the bitch.

cate blanchetttilda 2

(Come on…can’t you see it a little?)

The “Bourne” series screenwriter, Tony Gilroy, Directed this film, and wow, does he do an amazing job. From tone, to pacing, he was able to put together a movie that never slowed down and yet covered everything it needed to. It was one of the best put together films I’ve seen in a long time. With such a seemingly confusing plot and out of sequence events, he holds the whole thing together in a tight little package, that all fits together perfectly.

Overall I will say go see this movie! We seem to be hitting a season of good films coming out and there is a lot to see right now, but this one should be on the top of your list!

For some reason they don’t seem to be playing it everywhere in LA, but the good ol’ ArcLight (expensive but worth it) is sure to have it, as well a the Grove, and a few selected theaters you can find here on MovieFone.