DieselnatorYup. It’s been circulating the net like crazy. According to “reliable” sources, Vin Diesel is in talk to pick up where our lovely Governor left off. It is reported that Vin Diesel has been meeting with producers to be a wonderful robot assassin in the new film Terminator 4. Not excited enough? How about McG helming it. I hate using the word helming. It’s not a boat.

Anyway, I wasn’t at all impressed with T3 so I really don’t care about T4. All the fanboys on the internet are crying out in joy, hoping that T4 will make up for what T3 lacked. Honestly, do you guys really think it’s going to get better? All I need is to see McG turn Terminator into one giant music video. Granted, I didn’t see We Are Marshall but I still feel pretty safe on my bet. All I can do is hope this is some great April Fools joke by some guy that doesn’t realize it’s October. I figure someone that would make up that kind of information would probably think it’s April.

Speaking of good ol’ Vin Diesel. What is CONFIRMED is that he and Paul Walker are getting back together for Fast And The Furious 4. I’m not going to make a “4 Fast 4 Furious” comment like the 300 I’ve seen today. Another crappy movie to add to the Vin Diesel list. Did anyone even see the third one? Did they really make a third one or did they just skip it knowing it would be crappy? Ah yes, Tokyo Drift is what it was called. I think it won an Oscar. Good luck to your career, Mr. Vin Diesel, I know you don’t need it.

Speaking of artichoke hearts, more news on the next installment of Transformers. I don’t know if it categorizes as a bad movie. The first time I had a blast watching it. Then the second time, I took my girlfriend to see it telling her how good it was, it was then that I realized I was wrong. I could go on about the crappy script and poor production, but I will refrain from doing so. I just like to imagine Michael Bay screaming at everyone on the set and having a temper tantrum about the flames on Optimus Prime. Then I saw it a third time on IMAX, I had promised my dad I would go with him, and at this point I was numb to it. I just saw pretty colors and fluffy bunny rabbits on the screen.

Anyway, Transformers 2 is on. Shia (hold on, need to Google his name to get the spelling) LaBeouf is back on board the movie ship with Michael Bay helming the spank out of it. Also returning is Spielberg in his producing role to feed Michael his baba when he’s feeling cranky. And Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are in talk to team up to write the screenplay. The one thing I did enjoy about the movie was Shia. Everyone else should have been stepped on by a robot.

Also, Michael, please try and keep the camera out of the anus of all the robots while shooting so I can actually see the fight scenes. Thank you.